Continuous Threat Monitoring & Detection

The key to cyber wellbeing is Continuous Threat Monitoring & Detection. It is the principle technology that ensures in detecting the deep rooted risks and compliance across complex OT environments.


Continuous Threat Monitoring & Detection is a very critical element in any organization’s cyber security module. The concept of Continuous Threat Monitoring & Detection is a vital necessity specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and other governance frameworks.


  • Does your organization have a central security logging system for information?
  • Does your organisation have an authorised employee in-charge of Continuous Threat Monitoring & Detection?
  • Does your organisation have an efficient incident response reporting system?


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Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics has created a new era where the focus is on Internet of Things (IoT) extending beyond SCADA to help industries make better decisions about their products and services. In the manufacturing industry SCADA has been a vital industry standard, IoT is a concept that adds to the features of SCADA by firmly analyzing machine data thereby improving productivity.


  • Do I want to improve operational impact across machines, assembly lines and plants?
  • What are the challenges?
  • How do I manage the challenges?
  • What process should I follow to have an effective predictive maintenance?


360° Visibility

The hard-hitting fact is that you cannot stop cyber attacks. However, what you can do is broaden your cyber security model with 360° Visibility. SCADA security solves the visibility problem by filling the gaps with Automatic network mapping and identifying the potentially vulnerable IT/OT touch points.


  • Is your IT team able to see the complete network in real-time?
  • Can they map your complete network?
  • Is your IT team able to mark the configuration mismatch and unpredicted changes?


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Across Attack Surface – IT & OT

Once upon a time IT and OT technologies were segregated, however today most OT systems are integrated with the IT systems. The evolving technology has merged the IT and OT systems across an organisation. The growth in the IT cyber attacks broadens the vulnerabilities and scope of attack on the OT network.


  • Is your OT system publicly accessed?
  • Is your password strong enough?
  • Is your firewall configuration secure?
  • Is your OT system and IT network interconnected?


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