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Cyber threats today are recognized as attacks often targeted towards political, global, commercial entities with considerable financial and reputational risks. The practices of network security, managed detection and response are already well accepted and considered as the norms in cybersecurity, However, the shift to rapid thinking and intelligence (actionable) is the need of the hour. […]

Proud to announce our new customer acquisition of a Leading Payment Gateway

For any organization in the business of providing online payment solutions it is critical to provide, ensure and promote the security of its platform and data. All data being generated by the financial transactions should be encrypted not only to enhance the organization`s security posture, but also from a brand image perspective as trust is […]

Very happy to announce our customer acquisition of a leading technology consulting firm for our cybersecurity consulting services.

AforeCybersec has extensive experience in setting up multiple SOC implementations across verticals giving it the edge to effectively consult businesses looking to establish independent SOC setups in areas of framework, governance models, technology selection criteria and skill set advisory. We assist organizations to strategize their cybersecurity and provide consulting to help develop a mature SOC […]

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