Analytics, AI, Machine Learning

In order to deal with hackers a combination of Big Data and Analytics comes into play. But these two cannot be used as standalone tools to assess and protect data. This is when machine learning becomes a missing piece of the puzzle that puts artificial intelligence in place to scale the use of big data by managing the insights coming from multiple sources with the help of the machines.

From identity theft to credit card numbers being taken away, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play an instrumental role in establishing new standards for cybersecurity.

Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity include being able to predict cyber threats by analyzing previous data weak points and suggesting remedial action proactively, prevent data loss and leaks by identifying existing vulnerabilities.

Detect cybersecurity threats by Infusing algorithms into analytical programs to have a look at typical day-to-day operation from multiple angles is the job of machine learning that will discover extraordinary activity and prompt organizations to take action accordingly.

Machine Learning also helps organizations be better equipped to respond to cyber threats.

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