Analytics and Visualization

Effective Security for the Modern IT Landscape through iSOC, our Cyber Security Monitoring and Analytics (CSMA) Service enables rapid detection, investigation, threat linking and remediation of the broadest range of security threats across on-premises and cloud IT assets. Security Monitoring and Analytics provides integrated SIEM and UEBA capabilities built on machine learning, user session awareness, and up-to-date threat intelligence context.

AforeCybersec Cybersecurity Analytics and Visualisation

Our service is built on our AforeSight platform

  • This is based on Cyber Security Threat logic on unified big data and assures comprehensive detection – Any log, any intelligence feed, any metric, any location (on-premises or cloud)
  • Rapid Investigation – Intuitive visualization of threats and early warning signs
  • Intelligent Remediation – Powerful auto-remediation framework for any IT stack
  • Faster Time to Value – Advanced Security service with SOC ready content

Our Analytics and Visualization include:

Threat visualization and Analytics

Analytics in cybersecurity helps organize, contextualize and identify patterns of cyber criminals and using network visualization techniques for more powerful cyber security data analysis; Explore complex connected log data to find cyber threats.

User Behaviour Analytics

Insider threats are detrimental actions caused by people internal to the organization. People who are aware of all the weak points of the system and are too aware of system loopholes. Using machine learning and tracking user behaviors using analytics to track behaviors among users, data and systems help detect cyber threats, chances of fraud, cloud compromise, and non-compliance.

Network Pattern and Behaviour Analytics

Once a standard pattern for the network behavior is established the NBA program continuously monitors the traffic and constantly collects data useful for on demand analysis. This is an essential step towards intrusion prevention and safeguard.

Anomaly Detection

In data mining, anomaly detection (also outlier detection) is the identification of items, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or other items in a dataset.


Not just preventive but also curative services to reduce the damage caused by breaches in the most effective way possible to reduce the amount of damage.

Audit Log Assurance

Logs are maintained for specific reasons such as troubleshooting, investigating security incidents, disciplinary proceedings, formal corporate records etc.

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