Industrial Control Systems (SCADA security)

SCADA systems are smart, intelligent control systems that acquire inputs from a variety of sensors and, in many instances, respond to the system in real time through actuators under the program’s control.  The SCADA system can function as a monitoring/supervisory system, or control system or a combination thereof.

SCADA systems are not directly connected to the web, however, they still are vulnerable. Since these protocols were built before the internet was discovered or even deemed necessary.

Industrial Control Systems (SCADA security)

Systems to automate the same SCADA systems introduce the web to the network can make them susceptible to breach. Hence if the connections are not secured, worms can enter the system through the breach.

Making SCADA and ICS critical infrastructure requiring protection..

Our Industrial Control Systems (SCADA security) includes:

Administrative Controls

Administrative controls are used for setting up the principles of engagement; such as approaches, models, special cases, risk and compliance systems. Since these controls are not specialized in nature, they are referred to as administrative controls.

SCADA Controls

The ICS network controls are soft targets for cyber-attacks since systems sometimes run without anti-virus updates for months. They are prone to multiple pathways of interactions as well; the pathways may also be bypassing existing security systems in the plant. Another concern about ICS networks is non-isolation of unrelated sub systems.

Data and Application Security

Thorough vulnerability checks are carried out to ensure applications security right from code review through to secure coding of software to protect against cyberattacks. Change management is an important component here.

System Assurance

System Resilience and secure configurations is covered under unique SCADA Security Requirements.

Monitoring Controls

SCADA protocols and systems require continuous monitoring due to being weak by design. Monitoring is one of the most crucial aspects of SCADA security frameworks.

Third Party Controls

Most SCADA systems are third party installations, including vendors and partners, we provide special services ensuring protection from partner network traffic being driven towards our applications.

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