Managed Security Services

AforeCybersec Managed Security Services (MSS) is designed to prepare, protect, and respond to cyber emergencies by using a holistic approach consisting of People, Process, and Technology Solutions for Management and operations of the client’s security infrastructure.

AforeCybersec - Managed Security Services (MSS)

Our mature operating model operationalizes the capabilities required to detect & respond to sophisticated cyber threats in real time that targets the key assets. With a 24/7 team of security experts, MSS leverages multi-layered and scalable security offerings covering the panorama of on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with Enterprise Device Management, Managed Detection and Response, Endpoint Detection and Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence and iSOC.

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) includes:

Device Management

Our staff is running 24/7 operations to ensure the security devices setup to protect your business function are set up, secure, functioning as designed, operating up to date and with 100% efficiency.

Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR technology uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics techniques to ensure threat protection& prevention by monitoring host/endpoints and network events and recording, analyzing and reporting alerts taking place in real time

Cyber threat intelligence

We capture measurable evidence based data including contexts, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about an existing, or emerging menace or hazard to assets thereby facilitating our customers to make informed decisions to counter the attacks.


Our in-house Intelligence driven security operations center, is a dedicated facility focused towards, gathering information, assessing threats, monitoring customer sites and defending attacks. The place where it all happens within enterprise visibility.

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