Security Architecture and Implementation

Our AforeSight Platform is a progressive security analytics technology that mines, enriches, analyses visualizes and scores customer data into actionable intelligence. Our platform can automatically detect anomalies such as track users, account, and system behavior.

AforeSight regularly scans your data along with third-party intelligence and paired with known risk boosters to pinpoint rogue activities, abnormal security events, and access privileges.


Security Architecture and Implementation

Our Security Architecture and Implementation includes:


Protect your critical infrastructure with SCADA security framework, manufacturing lines, data centers and electric grids. Unprecedented OT asset discovery and visibility, detects known OT threats, unknown OT threats and anomalies, as well as deviations from operational restrictions.

Unified and Reusable Security Framework

The advantages of reusability of security framework are lower costs, faster software development and lower risks. System dependability is increased. Specialists can be used more effectively by concentrating their expertise on the design of reusable components.

Security Engineering

Security engineering is a specialized field of engineering which deals with design systems that are needed to be incorporated to deal with possible disruptive sources such as natural disasters to malicious acts.

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